Women’s Strength Training Statistics and Other Fun Fitness Facts

Here’s some numbers that will hopefully have you motivated and out the door to the gym at the end…

  • Only 21% of women partake in strength training at least 2 times per week.
  • Strength training has shown to alleviate back pain in 80% of people suffering lower back pain.
  • After a weight training workout is completed, women on average, burn an extra 100 calories in the 24 hours post workout.
  • Without cutting out any calories, the average women can decrease her body fat by 3% in just 10 weeks (this may sound like a small number, but 3% is quite significant).
  • 44% of American’s say they can never give up fast food… making clean eaters a rare and exceptional group of people.
  • All it takes is 30 minutes of strength training 2-3 times per week to see huge benefits including: fat loss, increased bone density, improvements in cholesterol and blood pressure; and increased muscle tone.

What else do you need to head over to the weights? And just imagine this is only a small list of benefits! Weight training is also linked to decrease depression symptoms more than clinical treatment; take years off aging bodies; give energy during the day; fight breast cancer and colon cancer (ok, most cancers); and boost your immune system.

Ok, so join in with the small  women strength training group and get to lifting today! You’ll feel great. And for more info on weight training of course visit our Women’s Weight Training Site!


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