Word Vomit & What I’m Loving

This weekend I was supposed to be in DC all dolled up and dancing my face off with Dan at a wedding.

But here I am… in Charleston… taking a personal weekend.

Life is full of curveballs and unexpected drama.

This past week was loaded with so much of both that I asked Dan if he was okay if I stayed back. Have I ever told you how wonderful my husband is?

He’s the best, I really don’t think I would have made it through these past few days without him.

I just promised to wear the dress I bought for the wedding soon so he could see me all dolled up. <3

I feel like I went 32 years of my life mostly drama free and suddenly the universe has decided I need to catch up with the rest of the world by dumping so much on me in these first 4 months of the year that I want to vomit. All I have to say is thank goodness for friends and family.

Aside from the chaos of this past week, next week is my 5th women’s fit retreat! A week in the mountains, I can not wait!

It will be great to prep for it this weekend instead of running around like a mad woman on Monday.

I love these retreats so much and can’t wait for them to continue to grow! The next one will be in October, so if you’re interested in a long weekend of hiking, wining, and dining… keep your eyes open! I’ve been blessed to have them fill up every time.

Okay… so enough “thoughts” and more positive! I’ve got a few new things in my life I have to share!

What I’m Loving

Abs Protein Pancakes

I used to be obsessed with pancakes and other sweet breakfasts. But about 2 years ago, my tastebuds changed and savory, veggie dishes was all I wanted.

Well, times have changed again.

You guys, these pancakes are so delicious!

We recently had Alex and Hamilton over for dinner and for dessert…

Waffles topped with homemade ice cream and holy hell was it good!

I ate them for lunch yesterday and dinner the night before. Wish I was kidding, but I really am addicted.

The birthday cake is amazing, but the chocolate chip pancakes? YES PLEASE.

Luckily Dan isn’t much of a pancake man, so I don’t have to share 😉

RadioLab: Henrietta Lacks

If you love science, then you have got to listen to this podcast. I am a fan of RadioLab and love most of their episodes. But this one? Wow, it really got me!

HBO just did a series on Henrietta Lacks, but I don’t watch television so I was more pumped when I saw this. If you haven’t heard of her, Henrietta Lacks was a young woman who died of cancer by in the early 1950s.

Up until her death, no human cells had been able successfully replicated/cloned. For whatever reason, her cancer was different and were the first human cells successfully cloned. Not only that, but they kept replicating.

Henrietta is the reason we have a polio vaccine, the reason for many vaccines and the reason for HUGE leaps in the science/medical world. I am going to stop there, but there is so much more to this story.

Please listen to this one!

Halo Top Ice Cream

I know I am the last one on board the Halo Train, but man am I glad I jumped aboard.

Dan’s been wanting to try this protein ice cream for a bit, but at over $5/pint… I was hesitant (I’m cheap, lol). But I finally said screw it and tossed a cookie dough pint in my cart.

Yup, so good. And after the week I’ve had… I plan on eating a pint every night this weekend. Don’t judge me.

Carbon 38 Sales

As cheap as I am, I do love high quality items. I just flinch every time I buy something. So when Carbon38 sent out an email about their spring sale… I got very excited!

Carbon 38 is my latest obsession. I do a lot of window shopping but only own a single pair of their leggings (these) because of the hefty price tags. But I will tell you, my leggings are worth every penny!

And I’m hoping this sports bra is too.

What are you loving right now?
Favorite workout attire brand?

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