Working Out While Your On Your Period… Don’t Let Aunt Flow Bring You Down

For some of us the idea of working out when Aunt Flow is visiting is just out of the question. You feel tired, sluggish, weak and moody… and of course you feel bloated so the idea of putting on tight workout clothes is repulsive.

So here’s the deal… it’s ok to go light on the week of your period. But exercise can actually help relieve the symptoms so even if all you can handle is walking on the treadmill then do it. You will quite possibly experience less cramping, better sleep and more energy.

I personally don’t notice a difference during that time of the month and I work out just as hard… but I do have a lot of friends who aren’t the same. And that’s ok because we’re all freaking different. But I do urge you to try out a light workout, there is a high chance that you will actually feel better when the workout is done.

Also make sure you are eating a clean diet during this time and getting in enough calories. It’s too easy to your your period as an excuse to chow down on all the chocolate and sweets. You’re metabolism is actually boosted which means you burn more calories when you’re fighting your period.

Here’s a fun fact... Australian researchers did a study showing that women burn up to 30% more fat during the week of their period which means you lose fat a heck of a lot easier! To me that is just more of a reason to rev it up and go full force with my workouts.

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