What makes working out so hard for most women is the fact that they seem to dread it. Do you dread your workout or do you look forward to it as a great release?

This is a huge key to your long term success with working out. The same ideas here go with nutrition too. You need healthy eating motivation and a reframe of what it means to you to really stick with it.

I just mentioned the keyword there so let’s look at it.

You Have To Reframe What Working Out Means To You

Motivation And Starting

Everything in life, you see through a particular frame. It could be a positive frame or a negative frame, but the frame affects how you view it.

For example, going out on a date. Most women frame this experience with romance and excitement. So they really look forward to it. But what if you had to go out on a date with a guy you didn’t really like. Your frame would be negative filled with avoidance, rushing, and irritation. (Your could reframe that latter and actually look to have fun and some people are really good at that.)

So you can see your frames make a huge difference. But the great thing about frames is the fact that you can change your frame. Changing your frame as it pertains to exercise and working out will give you long term motivation which will never dip or run flat.

I am going to show you how to change your frame. It doesn’t happy instantly but when it does happen, you’ll become a completely different person.

Why Typical Motivation Techniques Are Only Short Term

Most fitness motivation techniques are short term. Maybe it’s a song you listen to or a success story that really pushes you. That jolt of motivation you feel only lasts so long so unless you get right into your workout, you can easily get sidetracked.

But if you look at working out with a positive and motivating frame, then working out becomes something you NEED to do at all costs.

Short term motivation still helps and it’s really important but it should be part of this overall strategy.

How To Change Your Frame Of Exercise and Working Out

Step 1 – Identify how you currently view working out. Do you hate it? Do you like it but you’d rather not do it? Do you like it but complain about it while you’re doing it? Would you rather watch paint dry than go workout?

The key here is to write it down how you really feel and don’t hold anything back. I’ve learned that writing things down helps incredibly well.

Step 2This is really important. As fast as possible, when you’re done with a workout, write down how you feel about the workout.

The reason this will help so much is because exercise releases all sorts of feel good hormones. Plus you have this overriding sense of accomplishment which is big. Write this down and you’ll see how amazing working out can really be.

This is just a start, but it’s really important to get these feelings down.

Step 3 – Start to consciously talk to yourself about these feels and about how amazing exercise is before you go. If you can repeat these feelings to you then you can slowly change the way you view your workout time.

I actually like to take five minutes and consciously prep myself before a workout. Whenever I do this, I get really excited for it and my workout is better too. Here’s what I do…

I first remind myself about how great it feels to exercise. There is nothing like it and if you’re a doubter, science proves this. Then I’ll imagine myself exercising really hard and doing a kick butt job. Giving it all I have. I actually have the workout I am going to do in front of me and I run through it.

I also see the body I really want and the energy I want as I imagine. It literally brings up your energy and makes you feel really excited.

Try it!

Step 4 – This is optional, but don’t hide the fact that you love exercising. It’s incredibly sad these days that people get made fun of for being healthy. It can also be really tough if you are still overweight because other people look at you with skepticism when they learn you’re working out.

Forget them!

Always remember it’s about you and don’t hide the fact that you are bettering yourself. Stand up for what you’re doing and it will really reinforce you passion for being healthy. That will make you view your workout time differently too.

Keep Consistent At These Steps

This is something you really need to stay consistent with in the beginning. The reason is after a month or two, exercise will fully integrate with the fabric of your life. You’ll need it, you’ll look forward to it, and it will become you personal time.

When you don’t workout, you’ll feel horrible about yourself. That is when you know you have just become the workout motivator you need. And now it’s up to you to help others get to your position.

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