Workouts Are Like A Box Of Chocolate: You Never Know What You’re Going To Get

What can I say, we watched Forrest Gump a few weeks ago, and I can’t get him off my mind. That movie gives so many things to think about, and I have to say I am more motivated than ever to accomplish my goals!

And I have Forrest to thank for that… “I just did what you told me to do {Jenny}, I just kept running”.

Oh yea, plus I really love chocolate.

The Run That Half Way Wasn’t Meant To Be

Speaking of running, on the docket for this morning was my long run. I had 9 miles on my mind. And I wanted to run like Forrest: Lace up my shoes, hit the road and run effortlessly while listening to some awesome 70s tunes.

That didn’t happen. 

At all. 

Not even from my first stride. 

In fact, it sucked. From the time I started till the time I finished. I was miserable. 

And here’s what I’ve got to show for it:

Dan and I worked out with weights for the first time since before our vacation. And my body took notice. Then again, I probably should have avoided doing deadlifts then jumps squats then walking lunges, knowing I was running this morning. But what can I say, I always think I am stronger than I am.

When the alarm started going off, and I rolled over to hit the snooze I knew immediately I was in trouble. My ass killed me just rolling over!

But again, I am stubborn and after popping some Advil, guzzling some water, and assuming that after a few minutes of running might help stretch my butt out, I was out the door.

Dan decided to head downtown with me. While I was running he wanted to get some stuff done in a local coffee shop, I was game because it meant he could hold the car keys (one less thing to worry about), and then we could go straight to the Farmer’s Market (normally, I run then come back home to pick him up to head out again).

He told me to take my time, and wished me luck.

I needed much more than luck this morning.

Let’s just say that my butt never stretched out and that with each stride, I was reminded of all those leg exercises.

Not to mention that at 9:00 am, the humidity was already in full gear making every breath a bit harder than I would have liked.

I am sure you can imagine Dan’s surprise when 40 minutes later I walked into the coffee shop, one drippy mess of sweat. The 9 miler was not to happen today, and I was made to settle for a 4.5 miler instead.

Did I feel weak? Hell yea I did. Was I pissed? You better believe it! Was I relieved by the site of the coffee shop? OMG, the feeling of air conditioning was priceless. 

I promise I have other workout tops! And that I don’t workout in dirty clothes! lol. We had the luxury of a washer on vaca so this was on the top of the drawer! 

Sometimes It’s Going To Be A Sucky Workout Day

We all have days like this, even if you’re not a runner. There are going to be days when you walk into the gym to start a workout, and no matter how much you want to have a good workout, it’s just not going to happen.

I knew from the second I pressed “GO” on my GPS watch that the entire run was going to be a struggle.

No matter how much we want to be in control, sometimes our bodies want to remind us who is the boss.

The best of the best athletes have off days, and while they might bring you down during the moment, they are nothing to stress over. You pick up your big girl panties and proudly announce that next time… you’ll be the boss!

What happens next? 

I won’t lie, even meeting 1/2 of my goal I was proud of myself. I wanted to turn around at mile marker 1.5, but I didn’t.  I pushed forward, redeeming the idea that I am strong and capable.

I also realized that summer is here and that 9 am workouts outside are no longer an option. My next outside workout will have to be around 6 or 7 am to make it some what bearable.

This was the last thought that popped into my mind as I opened up the door to meet up with Dan:

Sometimes no matter how mentally prepped you are, a workout is going to suck. But a mini workout is better than no workout at all.


  • What’s your favorite chocolate?
  • When was your last not-so-hot workout? 
  • What do you tell yourself when you realize it’s going to be a poor fit day?
My favorite chocolate in a box, hands down the salted caramels.


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