workouts-for-women-fitnessMost women love the idea of working out and getting in shape, but following through is usually what separates those that get the results and those that just end up complaining and making excuses.

I want to help you increase the chances that you’ll stick to your workouts by taking a look at three unexpected benefits of a great workout program.

After a quick look at these benefits, I’ll tell you where you can get the best workouts for women possible… and how to get the support so you can truly get those results.

Unexpected Benefit One: The Burning Desire to Workout

It’s hard to believe… even if you’re at a stage in your life where you despise the idea of working out… know that if you do it just long enough to create a great habit, you will develop a burning desire.

It will come to the point where you have to fit your workout in because when you don’t things just don’t feel right. You will lack energy… you will have this “dirty” feeling… and you will actually miss working out.

I know that sounds crazy, but it’s so true. Besides myself, I know women that now rely so much on their workout as their personal anchor of their life that without they would be lost. It’s amazing what being good to your health can do for you.

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Unexpected Benefit Two: Personal Therapy That Heals

Personally I think this is my favorite benefit of working out. Think of the last time you had a day where you were just pissed off all day for some reason. Everything seemed to bother you and nothing seemed to go right.

Those types of days are the worst, but that’s why a good women’s workout is so powerful… it’s the ultimate form of personal therapy. During a hard workout, you release so much energy and feelings that by the time you’re done you feel completely different.

Not to mention that when you are busting your booty to strength training… or… if you’re getting a great circuit workout in your mind has to focus. There is no room to wonder and dwell on unhealthy thoughts.

Next time you are having one of those days… head off to the gym and take note about how you feel when you’re done. You’ll love it!

Unexpected Benefit Three: The Envy of Your Friends and All

blog-image-twoLet’s not play like we don’t want it… you know what I’m talking about…

That feeling that you get when you know people are checking you out as you walk back. It’s that huge confidence boost and ego stroking that every person needs from time to time. Well after just a couple months of some good workouts for women, you will be getting that ego stroke a lot more than you might be used to.

Your friends will be asking you how you do it and telling you how good you look… while secretly to themselves they will be burning with jealously. And it’s then when you can step up and help them do the same thing… because nothing feels as good giving back and helping others.

Go get your ego stroked and learn to love the feeling of knowing you look HOT!

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