Hardly. In fact just the image of that is slightly humorous.

Even thought that comes off as silly, aloof, and ridiculous… it’s what most women are tricked into doing (yes, tricked).

Let me explain. Weight loss is more like the common cold than anything else. When you have a cold, one of the first things that happens is you start to get congested. Then shortly thereafter, your throat will become to get that scratchy feeling in the very back.

It’s clear you’re coming down with something. But most people will swallow their pride, pop some cough drops, throw down some Advil, and continue to push through their day. Unfortunately, nearly every time, you end up getting sick anyway.

What went wrong? Rather than listen to your body, you treated the symptoms and ignored the fundamental issue. You can’t just slap bandaids on a sickness and you can’t do it with weight loss either.

Too Much Weight *Cough* Body Fat Is A Symptom

It’s a symptom of one or many fundamental problems (and it’s not genetics). But no matter what, 99% of women treat is like the issue… cover it up with some slick trick… and end up dealing with the same or more weight only a few short weeks or months later. The merry-go-round continues.

It’s doesn’t have to be that way.

You Have To STOP Looking At Weight Gain As The Problem

It’s nothing more than a symptom of a base real problem.

  • Eating too much?
  • Not exercising enough?
  • Not sleeping well enough?
  • Stressed the freak out?
  • Key hormonal imbalances?
  • Maybe a mix of some of all of these?

Weight gain *cough* fat doesn’t just appear on your body. It has to be stored and come from a source… aka food.

There’s a problem though…

How Do You Reprogram Decades Of Training From Mass Media?

It’s not an easy task. I wish I could give you a thought or some saying which you can easily use to make this mindset shift.

But let’s try anyway.

Step 1 – Inspect Your Past?

  • Have you lost and regained weight? If so, how many times?
  • Have you tried a fad diet or fat loss pill?
  • Have you done some type or cleanse?

If you’re reading this, then no matter what you tried… it didn’t work for the long term. Not a problem. It’s actually a blessing in disguise.

Anytime you get tempted to try a weight loss solution or program, think back to those failed solutions you’ve tried before. Even when you look at my products, approach them with a little skepticism so you can make a good decision.

Step 2 – Start Writing

One weekend, sit down by yourself – even with a glass of wine – grab a couple sheets or paper, and a good pen.

Just start writing about your issues with losing weight, gaining weight, eating, exercise, and inspect each topic with how it relates to you.

If you keep writing, you’ll start to pick out the major issues you personally deal with. Your hot spots of weight gain and exercise. These realizations are gold. This writing therapy can be really revealing and helpful.

At first writing starts out slow and nothing great happens. Just keep writing because soon enough things will start pouring out that will shock you.

If you dig deep, you’ll get to the fundamental problems.

However, now you know where you have to attack the weight loss issue from. You’ll know exactly what parts of your diet you need to fix. You might even discover other parts that you need to learn more about.

You’ll know what problems you have with exercise. Maybe it’s too hard and you need to start somewhere that’s perfect for a beginner. Maybe you have an injury you’re scare of aggravating.

Whatever the case, you can now look at weight loss from a new perspective.

It’s not longer the question of…

How Can I Lose 20 Pounds By June?

The new question becomes a series of questions

How Can I Get A Good Breakfast Every Morning?

How Can I Get One Extra Hour Of Sleep?

How Can I Deal With All This Anxiety I Constantly Feel?

How Can I Find A Workout That Won’t Make Me Feel Terrible About Myself?

How Can I Learn To Cook Three Nights A Week For My Family?

These are the questions that lead to weight loss results. They are the questions that lead to long term weight loss results.

Try it and see what happens. I think you’ll enjoy this or at least feel relieved knowing what type of plan you’re really looking for.