Yes, You Can Think Like A Naturally Thin Woman

I came extremely close to titling this post: Have Yourself A High Dopamine Night, but then decided keeping it clear was the best idea.

Do you remember week’s podcast that centered around the 9 Common Traits That Naturally Thin Women Have Towards Food? If you didn’t get a chance to read it or listen to the podcast, I definitely suggest going back and taking a look!

From the response that that post received, I new that I wanted to dig a little bit deeper into the subject of the naturally thin versus those of us that have to work hard at being fit/thin (those of us that always feel the need to go on a diet).


And what better way to dig deeper than to interview the author of The Thin Women’s Brain, Dilia Suriel? This lady knows her stuff and blew me away with all the research that she’s done on the topic.

But like me, she isn’t all about reading research… she is a doer. Everything she promotes, she does so with confidence because she knows first hand that it works.

So the #1 question you guys asked me was: 

That’s cool to know the traits of naturally thing women,
BUT how do we embrace those traits as well? 

Well that is just one of MANY questions that Dilia answers for me.

Listen in:

How To Rewire Your Brain To Think Like A Naturally Thin Woman

Don’t have time to listen right now? Here’s just a bit of what we covered…

Can We All Think Like Thin Women? 


To answer the question, is it possible to think like a thin women?

YES, we are able to change the way our brain thinks and processes information. To let go of current habits and to embrace the thin woman’s lifestyle it comes down to rewiring your brain.

We were all originally equipped with the thin women’s brain but due to modern diets, fads, and ridiculously insane pressures to be skinny, brains have been changed. The biggest of changes came in the 1960s! Dieting is still a very new issue!

Most women now have famine brain… this is our centuries biggest downfall.

The famine brain is the leading cause of continuous dieting. It’s the reason why dieting doesn’t work. The reason that when one diet is over, it’s already doomed. Weight creeps back up and before you know it you’re on another diet.

It takes work, but studies show you can “teach an old dog new tricks”. You can change the way you think so that you have a new relationship with food!

Will Power Versus Mindfulness


Willpower isn’t the trick to getting in shape and hitting goals. Being MINDFUL is. Being present and finally accepting what is going on with your life, emotions and the environment. Being mindful is the educational tool to help you change your current state of mind and begin the road to rewiring your brain.

According to Dilia, the best way to become mindful and to learn about yourself is through meditation. Begin with a progression that works for you. Perhaps just 3-5 minutes a day at first and then work up to around 20 minutes. Meditation is different for everyone, find something that works for you!

Are You A Food Addict?


And finally, Delia and I talked about food addiction, which is the central issue of the book. How do you win against food addiction no matter how serious your addiction is? How do you know if you have a food addiction issue?

–> For starters, can you breath between bites? While there are several signs/symptoms, this is often the most common. Are you able to enjoy each bite you take and breath before putting another in your mouth?

–> For more help and to discover if you have a food addiction and to what level, here’s a really interesting food addiction questionnaire put together by Yale University to help!

Seriously, Dilia was so charming and wonderful to have on the show. I want to thank her and encourage you to listen in to the podcast for all the amazing tips and insight she provided!

Get connected to Dilia: 


Facebook: Thin Women’s Brain

Twitter: @TheThinBrain

Have you ever tried meditation?

I have, but definitely not on a continuous program. Dan meditates every day for 20 minutes, while he does this I sleep for 20 minutes. Perhaps I should follow in his example!  


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