This is really great news if you have a history of losing weight and then adding it back on. When this happens, most women tend to get so discouraged they give up thinking they are cursed… and this is just the way they are.

That is not true at all!

A recent study looked at exactly this relationship to discover if women who did yo-yo diet were at a disadvantage when it came to weight loss.

Bottom Line:

No matter how you’ve yo-yo dieted, you are not no disadvantage to lose weight. You are not cursed and destined to be overweight.

Yo Yo Dieting

It’s all up to you!

What Did The Study Look At?

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center looked at 439 overweight to obese Seattle women who were between 50 and 70 years old. They split them up into four groups…

  • a reduced calorie diet group
  • an exercise only group
  • a reduced calorie diet and exercise group
  • a control group with no intervention

Just about half of all these women were moderate to high in the terms of losing weight and adding it back on. These women who were chronic yo-yo dieters also started out 20 pound heavier than those that were not yo-yo dieters.

Goes to really show you that yo-yo dieting is not good because it always puts weight on faster.

What Did The Results Show?

The restricted calorie group and the group the did both exercise and restricted calories lost 10% of their body weight over the course of the study.

The women that were chronic yo-yo dieters lost their weight too. They had no adverse affects to any key hormone levels either. Everything started to rebalance perfectly once they started losing the weight.

This study also shows that exercise alone will not help you slim down. It will make you feel incredible but it won’t slim you down without a better eating plan too. They work hand in hand.

Next up on the study block, I’ll look for a study that shows the differences of only a nutrition weight loss program compared to a nutrition and exercise program.

I think that should solidify why things need to be done with both. Back to the yo-yo dieting…

If You’re A Yo-Yo Dieter… Don’t Worry

You have just a good of a chance biologically as anybody else to lose weight and get in really great shape. There are probably some mental roadblocks to overcome in terms of belief, but that can pretty easily be done.

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