Your Last Chance Survey

On the agenda right after I finish this post is to head out the door for a run. I am pretty pumped because this week on the workout front has sucked! I hate being sick and that stomach bug took a lot out of me.

Everytime I thought I was better, I would try and workout only to feel drained and worthless. I did manage to get this really good workout in so that’s a plus. But my time suffered and I know I can do better. Good thing I’ll get my chance in 4 weeks. (My time was 35.27 minutes).

I’ve been seeing a lot of surveys pop up on blogs lately so I decided to jump on board of the survey season and copy this one that Monica did at Run Eat Repeat. Looks fun!

With a name like “Last Chance Survey” I feel I have to take this opportunity and do it. As well as break into some serious Donna Summer. Anyone else remember her singing on Family Matters back in the day? If make sure to go all the way down for a good memory!

“Last” Chance Survey

Last Food You Ate: 

I had a mini stir fry of a QORN patty, eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes topped with salsa for lunch. It was actually really good.

Last Beverage You Drank: 

I just finished a “Buttered Rum” drink. It didn’t have butter or rum in it but it warmed me up and tasted great! Reminded me of a spiced chai. Also made me think about Harry Potter.

Last Workout: 

I lifted weights yesterday with Dan. It wasn’t amazing, I whined a lot, but at least it was better than nothing.

Last Thing You Pinned: 

I am awful, I love Pinterest but never seem to have a lot of time to scan. I am pretty sure the last thing I pinned was my workout:

(correction, it was Tina’s brussel sprout dish apparently) Feel free to follow me on Pinterest

Last Text Message You Sent: 

To a boot camper asking if everything was okay since she wasn’t at class this morning.

Not very exciting… and if you’re curious she was called into the office early because someone in her office called out.

Last Blog You Visited: 

Run Eat Repeat so I could remember the questions for this quiz! Duh 🙂

 Last Place You Visited: 

Savannah, 2 weeks ago with my mom at the “Most Romantic B&B”. Great trip! But after 3 mini trips in a row, I am thrilled to be going no where for a while!

Last Thing You Baked: 

I don’t know what I was thinking, I accidentally bought muesli at the store instead of granola for Dan’s yogurt. So I used it, mixed in some honey, peanut butter, coconut oil and vanilla and baked it into granola. Success! A huge jar for just $3.25!

If you want to answer the Last Chance Survey please do on your blog or answer a question or two below in the comments! 

Last Chance… For Romance (Urkel Style)

After the run, I’ll be shopping it up at the farmer’s market (I have no idea what I’ll do when it closes at the end of December), working a bit, shopping for some new running pants and heading to a friends to celebrate a very special little someone’s birthday. More to come.

Have a great Saturday!


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