Your Top Fitness & Nutrition Questions Answered

Yesterday morning I sent an email and posted on Facebook, asking you for your pleaguing fitness and nutrition concerns/questions that I would be happy to answer in the FItness & Nutrition Show (for today).

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Boy, did you have some great ones! I am so glad I asked because my inbox started to quickly fill up with amazing questions. It seems you guys have a lot on your brain, and it’s time the clarify some things. I received questions ranging from how to tone your arms to is it okay to eat expired hummus (my favorite btw).

Because it was a last minute request, I thought I would maybe get just enough questions to address in one show episode, unfortunately (or fortunately, I love hearing from you) that’s not the case.

I received dozens of questions! I simply can’t answer them all.

That doesn’t mean I am just leaving the other questions to leave rotting in my inbox… I promise to answer them all this week. The questions not tackled in the video below, I’ll be answering in Wednesday’s blog post.


And if you missed the chance to ask your question, make sure to “LIKE” the Facebook page! And feel free to ask any questions below or email me personally at if you prefer to stay anonymous.

So, again if I didn’t answer your question here, make sure to visit Wednesday where it will be answered thoroughly.

Lifting Revolution’s Fitness & Nutrition Q & A Event

Not sure if you’ll benefit from watching the show?

Here are the questions I am addressing today…. 

1.  Debra asked: Why do I get headaches 1-2 hours after a workout and how can I prevent them from forming?

2. Renee asked: How should I warm up safely, especially on a chilly morning to avoid potential injuries?

3. Anonymous asked: I recently lost 40 pounds and am now having a hard time going into maintenance mode. I have a fear of adding fat into my diet but know I should. How should I slowly bring fat back into my diet?

Helpful Resources:

Wednesday will be a return of my old series “ASK AWAY WEDNESDAY” so again, if you have a question you want answered regarding anything… ask away below (and make sure to keep up to date with LiftingRevoluton events at the Facebook page).

Oh yea, also remember that tomorrow is Amanda’s Feed10 Online Bake Sale. Make sure to set an alarm so you remember to go over and bid on your favorite sweet treats. I’ll be offering up a dozen of my Vegan Energy Turtle Bites.

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