You’re Lying If You Say You’re Not A Runner: Born To Run Review

I had a bitter sweet night,  I finished my audio Born To Run by Christopher McDougall.

Why bittersweet? Because I loved it! I wanted to get to the end but once I got there I wanted to keep going. Lol, I guess I just wanted to have my cake and eat it too.

I’ve mentioned before that when I go on my long runs, I prefer to listen to audio books instead of music. More specifically, I love listening to books about running. They help me tune out the distance and serve as motivation to push a bit faster and farther.

I’ve heard all about Born to Run for quite some time now from fellow runners but it wasn’t until I downloaded the app, Audible that I downloaded it. Audio books are expensive and Audible is an awesome way to get it at lower price. Seriously, check it out.

At first I did great at only listening to it while I was actually running, but as I started to get wrapped into it, I started to listen in while I was in the car and then while I was laying in bed at night… I couldn’t “put it down”!

is born to run a good book

We Were All: Born To Run {Review}

What I loved most about the book is the way McDougall intwined a compelling story and educational studies into one. He would suddenly break out of his tale of running in Mexico to explain what studies have proven about humans, their feet and our crazy interest in running. It was as if a novel and a textbook had a baby together.

It was a great way to bring together all the elements he needed to make his story engaging and interesting. I was surprised how much I actually learned that can help my own running. It could just be the scientist in me, but I love learning about history, cultures and the theories behind human evolution.

The story begins with McDougall introducing trail running and Mexico’s crazy Indian tribe runners, the Tarahumara.


The heart of their culture surrounds running. And while they wear close to nothing on their feet, run in 100-degree canyons and live off mostly beans and corn, they are crazy athletes with amazing skills.

So amazing in fact, that McDougall brings down some of America’s top ultra trail runners for them to compete against. This was my favorite part of the novel! I have listened to many of these runners on podcast before, but it was interested hearing about them in the story.

The Group {Source}

Like Jenn Shelton And Billy Barnett getting wasted the night before their first trail run in Mexico. I have to say, this girl is bad ass. She is a true inspiration and an athlete like no other. I love seeing girls beating the boys!

Scott Jurek’s natural love for running, his unintentional intimidation and his patience for all things. I just read listened to Jurek’s book Eat & Run so it was great to follow up with another book about him. This guy is amazing!

Oh, and Barefoot Ted, we all know how popular the whole barefoot running world is, well it was Barefoot Ted who set it into motion. Running without shoes on in the dessert doesn’t sound appealing to me, but he did it simply to prove a point. And his prove it he did.

If you’re looking into running, no matter if you only want to run a mile or 26.2 miles, I definitely recommend this book.

Learn the history of humans…

  • Why are we the only animals that are able to breath when sprinting? Betcha didn’t know that.
  • Did you know that the average runner starts improving at age 19, reaches his/her top speed at 27 but doesn’t get back to that age 19 speed until age 62! What does that mean? Gotta read and find out.
  • Did you also know that we can run the farthest out of all animals? Why?
  • Were we all born to run?

Let’s just say, I am more motivated than EVER to lace up my running shoes and get some good running in tomorrow morning.

Now I am in the market for a new running companion…

  • What’s the best book you’ve read lately?


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