Choosing Between 6 Pack Abs & Life

When exercise became “my thing”, I judged my progress on my stomach. Every year, I’d announce to Dan… this year I’m going to have a 6-pack by my birthday! (or some other date). Which after a few years of this, he just rolled his eyes. Fast forward 10 years and after a lot of focused […]

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Coming Out Of Blogger Retirement?

Over a year?! It’s been radio silence for over a year here. I’m sorry but also not sorry (if I’m being honest). A lot has happened over the past year and I simply had to take a step back and prioritize life, goals and focus. Sadly, that meant taking a step back from my personal […]

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Spring 2017 Live Your Fitness Retreat Recap

Think I disappeared? Nope… just frolicking in the mountains. This past weekend, I hosted my 5th Live Your Fitness Retreat for women! I still can’t believe this is my 3rd year doing these, but I have to say… This one was by far the BEST (we leave saying that after every one)! The long weekend was filled […]

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