Coming Out Of Blogger Retirement?

Over a year?!

It’s been radio silence for over a year here. I’m sorry but also not sorry (if I’m being honest).

A lot has happened over the past year and I simply had to take a step back and prioritize life, goals and focus. Sadly, that meant taking a step back from my personal blog.

Over the past year, Dan and I closed one of our studios (the hardest part of my entrepreneur life to date) and decided to focus 100% on building Fit Womens Weekly and our one amazing studio This Time Fitness (in Charleston).

I wish I could say it was hard to walk away from LR, but I was so stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy most of last year, that it wasn’t just something I wanted to do… I needed to.

So thank you to the readers that have continued to come to Lifting Revolution and found great information in the evergreen articles to help inspire you with workouts, nutrition and hopefully more.

Am I back to regular blogging?

I wouldn’t go THAT far, but I am in a place now where I would love to have this space to come back to and share my own personal journey, struggles and thoughts.

At Fit Womens Weekly, we have some AMAZING blog posts filled with awesome information. If info is what you want, that’s where to go.

keto diet

To learn more about my current Keto experiment, my workout goals, and my “real” life… this is the place to hang out (and my Insta Stories).

I’ll be making a few updates over the coming weeks and I hope you come along for the ride.

For now, let’s place catch up!

  1. Have you checked out my Podcast (Over 170 episodes) or my Youtube Show? I post Every.Single.Week on both to provide a few laughs, a few nuggets of info and a few inspirational messages to help fuel your fitness life. Check them out!
  2. For 3 weeks, I’ve been experimenting with a keto diet. Am I in it for the long run? No. This is strictly an experiment for 8-weeks to see what all the fuss is about and see how hard it really is to stay in a state of ketosis.
  3. FitWomensWeekly has seen some huge changes since we last talked. New programs, coaching help and more. If you haven’t already connected to me over there, come on! We can be workout partners and I can be your personal coach. I’m telling you I LOVE what we’ve built. It really is life changing.
  4. And because so many were interested when I was blogging… sorry, still no kiddos. But that’s a chat for another day!

Okay, so that’s it.

I am really excited to be back and build those blog connections I have lost this past year. You guys really are the best and my blog readers ALWAYS made me feel inspired and motivated.

No to decide, because I have so much going on in my brain… first REAL post… chat about workouts (goals) or keto diet? Decisions, decisions.

I’ll at least leave you with my last TWO Youtube shows…

1 – My Week 1 Keto Update

2 – A 3 Minute Kettlebell Leg Workout Finisher



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