When A Workout Program Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Happy Friday! How was the week? What’s planned for the weekend?

We have a few things planned for the weekend including a Fall Festivus Workout/Happy Hour at our studio, watching college football, and dinner with my nieces and family. Of course, a few workouts will be tossed in too!

Should be the perfect mix of work and fun!

Speaking of workouts, let’s catch up. For the past 7 weeks, I’ve been doing the MAPS Strong Program from MindPump. I talked about it a couple of times on the FWW Podcast but I’ve made a few changes to my workouts/programming.


Because I’ve been working out for over 12 years now and through experimentation I know when something is or isn’t working for my body. I started the program to see how my body/strength would react to a more “weight lifting” style of workout instead of a more MetCon style.

After 6 weeks of following it to a T, I just wasn’t feeling myself.

I felt slow and blobby. I felt stronger in some things and weaker in others. As for my body, it wasn’t responding the way I wanted. And it wasn’t just me. Guys the problem (or blessing) of having a fitness business with your spouse, is you have to be 100% honest with one another about how workouts are reacting.

Just when I was starting to feel “blah”, Dan confirmed my thoughts and acknowledged that some of the tone and definition (mostly in my legs, butt and core) that I had worked hard to gain over the past few months was… GOING AWAY.

Ughhhh. Right?

Here’s the lesson… everyone is different.

My body is kind of long and lean (I’m almost 5’6 and my body weight stays normally around 118-123). Putting on muscle is VERY HARD for me and my body responds much better to high intensity weight lifting than traditional weight lifting (x sets of x reps).

But again, everyone is different.

For example, and we’ll be talking about this together on the podcast soon, Alex has had a completely different response from MAPS. But I don’t want to give her results away, I’ll let her share that on the Phase 2 Recap podcast in another week!

So I Changed Things

Luckily for me, I’ve been a personal trainer for so long, if I notice something isn’t working the way I want, I can change it to still follow the program but make it more customized to me and my goals.

So that’s what I’ve done for the past 2 weeks.

I’m still doing the program as far as their exercises, reps and sets are concerned but I’ve made them more “Kindalized”.

I’ve turned a few into heavy circuits, moving from one move to the next with little rest and repeating the ENTIRE circuit 4 rounds (or however many sets I’m supposed to do that day) instead of doing each exercise for that many sets before moving on.

But that’s not all…

I’ve also added in 2-3 METCON workouts into the week, either right after the lifting or later on in the day.

For example, yesterday I repeated this workout:


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He killed me. But on the flip side, it felt amazing to sweat and keep my heart rate up for an entire workout. . We’ve been so busy and I have plans tonight so we decided to have a workout date ❤️. . Despite my face, I loved it. Gotta make time for each other even if it’s just for a workout. . 3 Rounds: 70 jump rope 1 50ft sled run (w 145lb) 12 Dbl KB squats #40s* 12 Dbl KB Swings #40s* 1 sled run 8 Dbl KB Presses #26s . Then straight to 2 rounds: 200 jump rope 3 50ft sled run (w 145lb) 12 Dbl KB squats #40s* 12 Dbl KB Swings #40s* 3 sled run 8 Dbl KB Presses #26s . Those last 2 Rds were KILLER! . Oh and this was after I did my MAPS lifting this morning! I’m done. 😂 . *i used an 18kg (40lb) and a 20kg (44lb) and alt each round with which arm held which . . . . . #kettlebellworkout #workoutdate #fitcouple #postworkoutselfie #kettlebells #rkc #kb #kettlebells #fitlife #fridayflex #captainamerica

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Dan and I are doing this for our November Assessment workout. We did it once last week as a run through test. Then I did it on the 1st for time (29.36). I’ll redo it on the 15th and finally on the 30th.

If you want to partake, let me know!

After 2 Weeks…

After just 2 weeks of making my custom tweaks, I’m already feeling more myself.

I feel leaner, faster, more energized and guess what… more defined. Even other people are noticing. I’m not sharing this to say that the program isn’t working, I’m sharing to clarify that sometimes a program needs to be tweaked to fit you and your body type.

If you do a program at Fit Women’s Weekly, and after a few weeks of COMMITTED effort, aren’t seeing results…

Well, that’s something we need to dive into and figure out.
I’m here for all my clients and will help them do to their program what I had to do to mine.

Just because a program isn’t working right now, doesn’t mean it can’t be changed up to work.

I still have 5 more weeks of the MAPS Strong and I plan on finishing.

I’ll keep ya in the loop and if you have questions, let me know. Also makes sure to head to the podcast for previous reviews and thoughts from weeks 1-4.

8 Week Challenge! 

One final thing! I would love to invite you to join in my Finish Strong Challenge. I’m doing this with my clients and myself. A great way to stay motivated for the rest of the year without feeling overwhelmed or deprived during the holidays.

Forget weight loss challenges, let’s do a fitness goal challenge.

I’ve encouraged my ladies to choose 2 exercises to really focus on improving from now until the end of December. For some it might be the goal of getting a pull-up, a pistol squat or a perfect push-up. A few other goals I’ve heard include, 200 lb deadlifts, increased 5-minute KB snatch test and improved 40-yd sprint.

For me… I’m working on my muscle up.

AGAIN. Uhhhhhh, I really want to get this damn move and am tired of it hanging over me. I just have to put the work in and get it done.


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And muscle up training begins… . Worked on a few progression skills via @pamelagnon What I love about filming yourself is you can see what you’re doing right and wrong. My wrists are definitely not in a false grip and need to work on it! . Band muscle ups with 15-lb resistance. I won’t lie, I get frustrated because it’s the lightest band… shouldn’t I be able to do ONE without? All mental and all form things I need to figure out. . But I’ll figure it out! Anyone have tips/suggestions or people I need to follow to learn from? . . . . . #barmuscleup #muscleupdrills #crossfit #calisthenics #workouttime #skilltraining #bebadass #strongwomen #womenwholift #wod #bandedexercises #bandmuscleups #charleston #charlestonsc #morningworkout #chs #charlestonfitness

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If you want to join in, let me know! Snap a pict or video of yourself training and tag me on Instagram (@TrainerKindal). I’d LOVE to see your goals!

Okay, that’s the Friday Recap for the week! My goal is to get back to posting every Friday 🙂


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